So What’s an “INTENTIONAL” Interim Pastor?

Shari and I are thankful to the Lord for bringing us to The Community Church of Rolling Meadows. And we are thoroughly enjoying getting to know YOU, the members and friends
of this congregation. We believe the days just ahead of us will be exciting ones – filled with
discovery and opportunity. Thank you for making us feel so welcome!

A few of you are aware that I am here by assignment under the direction of IPM (Interim
Pastor Ministries). This agency specializes in providing “INTENTIONAL” interim pastors.
Unlike a “traditional” interim pastor, an “INTENTIONAL” interim pastor does more than simply fill the pulpit and do visitation and counseling until the next full time pastor comes to the church. The “INTENTIONAL” pastor’s work includes leading the congregation through a self -study, investigating ministry opportunities for the future, working through problems which (if unattended to) could become a pitfall for the new pastor, developing a strategic plan for the future, reviewing church documents, values, mission statement and polity and then (and only then) guiding the church through the pastoral search process.

My personal passion for this work is the result of watching my own congregation of 24 years struggle for four years to move on to their next Senior Pastor. As painful as it was to watch this, God used it to burden my heart for churches going through pastoral transition. I covenanted with the Lord that if I could be used to help other churches going through their own time of
pastoral transition I would do whatever I could to assist them.

Shari and I look forward to getting to know each one of you! And we are trusting the Lord to guide us on the journey that lies ahead!


On behalf of our congregation, please accept this invitation to join us for worship this Sunday morning at 9:30. You can look at a sample program by clicking here.


Reverend Marty Voltz